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Copenhagen Scrapbook

Copenhagen Scrapbook

Studying abroad is all about experiencing new things - and often that means capturing the moment, but that may also mean that your camera roll is slowly approaching 10,000+ images (we've all been there!). The photos will last forever on your phone and social media, but there truly is something special about having a physical memento from your time abroad.

Students in the Creative Industries class in Fall 2021, Sidney, Caroline, and Erin, pitched the idea of creating a DIS scrapbook. In Spring 2021, Student Illustrators, Amanda Maier and Ashley Stanbro took the initial idea of the scrapbook and brought it to life with their graphic design eyes. It's a scrapbook for students, by students!


Product Details

The scrapbook comes with:

+ Hardcover in A4 size with a black band
+ 60 pages of scrapbook space
+ A mix of blank pages and thematic pages dedicated to DIS events like Study Tours and your favorite spots in Copenhagen
+ A sticker sheet with classic Copenhagen motifs
+ A pocket to keep your mementos safe

Where to Buy

Current students can purchase this product at the Student Hub during pop-up events throughout the semester and at the end of semester festival. Look out for events on the DIS Navigate App!

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