Creating keepsakes for our DIS community has been on our mind for many years, but we didn’t want to put wasteful, superfluous products out into the world - we wanted to make sure we did this responsibly.

That’s why all our products are produced in small collections, so that we only create on demand and don’t produce excess waste. We also choose to work exclusively with vendors based in Denmark or Europe, who provide full transparency about the materials used, where the product was made, and other certifications for ethical and sustainable production. All this information is available to you in each product detail.

We have made these pieces with the intention that they last, so you can continue to share your DIS story for many years to come. We are so excited to bring a part of Scandinavia to you, and we hope you will love and cherish these products just as much as we do.

Read more about our sustainability journey at DIS.

Our Partnership with Turtle


Our friends at Turtle, a local Danish vendor, helped us bring the Alumni Collection to life, and they manage all your online orders, shipping, and handling. 

We are proud to work with Turtle, who produced these items while taking their environmental impact as a foremost consideration. Knowing the merch industry inside and out, they redefine what merch can be by selecting certified suppliers who live up to the highest standards in terms of how they treat their people and the planet. All the materials are hand-picked by them to ensure quality, and the products are not only aesthetic pieces, but they are also resource-friendly and ethically produced. They provide full transparency of their process to us so that we feel confident to bring these products to you.

Check out what Turtle is all about.